Five tidbits about Julie Patel

  1. Professional rundown: Whether Julie is working from dingy, old newspaper buildings, sterile broadcast studios or a cramped home office, she works hard to produce thoughtful stories and equip her students with the skills they need to succeed – in life and journalism.
  2. Teaching: Julie joined Fullerton College as a faculty member recently and she is already awed by her students and colleagues for putting so much heart into their work. Her students make her proud almost every day with outstanding, thoughtful journalism and their insights on life and the media.
  3. Investigative stories: From quick-hit watchdog pieces to deep-dive projects involving thousands of pages of public records and multiple databases, Julie has worked on a broad range of investigations.
  4. Feature stories: Julie uses the voices and stories of her sources and readers to shed light on public issues.
  5. Family: Julie is married to Seth Liss, an amazing husband, father and digital journalist, and they have two adorable, rambunctious children, Ettan and Devash.

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