By Julie Patel

When I was pregnant the first time, I got five cavities — after never having cavities in my life. Seth, my husband, said it must be because the baby is so sweet. And so, we named our newborn, “Devash,” the word for honey in Hebrew. (It also means leader in Sanskrit.)

In mid-2015, when Devash was 3.5-years-old, we went to the beach almost every day. One day, we were at the wash-off station outside our building and I asked Devash to take off his swim trunks before wrapping himself in a towel. “I can’t. No privates allowed – see?” he replied, pointing to a sign: “No trespassing – private property.” I realized we must have read the sign to him at some point…

The day we took Devash home from the hospital, it was snowing in D.C.

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Ettan, our 16-month-old, was born in the heat of a Florida summer. Like his dad, he is kind and easygoing. He has also inherited Seth’s hazel-green eyes and love of junk food. Case in point: Ettan’s first words included pipa and cacko (pizza and cracker).

I met Seth through a mutual friend at the San Jose Mercury News. He worked at Knight Ridder Digital at the time. His mellow, witty personality balances my energetic, bookish one. We complement each other professionally as well. His perspective — from the 20+ plus years he has spent in digital journalism — shapes how I conceive, approach and present stories. For my part, I tend to offer unsolicited advice based on my experience writing, data mining and using public records.